5 reasons why your bridal website needs a blog

Does your wedding website really need a blog?

You went into the wedding industry because you excel under pressure, you love being creative and you can't think of anything more rewarding than contributing to someone's special day. You didn't go into the wedding industry because you like copywriting.

However, that's what you seem to be doing, or at least thinking about. Social media posts, responding to emails, website copy and now a wedding blog...really?

But, the bridal industry is competitive, and you want to stand out on Google and social media so that people pick you. Could having a wedding blog help?

Our bridal copywriters specialise in wedding blogging because they know how important blogs are for your website and business. You might not be an expert in wedding marketing, but we are, and here are five ways a bridal blog can help.  

1. Google ranking

Just as everyone loves a good wedding, Google loves a good bridal blog.

An informative, useful and engaging blog tells Google that you know about weddings and that your services can help to make someone's special day.

This all contributes to your bridal website SEO so Google knows who to put at the top of the search results.

2. Website visits

You know that a lot of research and planning goes into a wedding. Where are these in love couples getting their information from? Blogs.

A blog draws people away from social media and Google onto your website, where you can give words of wisdom while subtly promoting your business.

3. Something to talk about

If you're actively posting on social media, you're probably actively running out of things to say.

Photographs of weddings are great, but people like and move on. A blog gives you something useful to share that people can engage with beyond a heart-eye emoji.

4. Demonstrating your skills

Weddings aren't just a business, they're an art. A blog gives you a place to demonstrate your creative talents and wedding expertise.

This not only exposes your passion, but it also helps to establish trust. 

5. Setting you apart

Whether you’re looking to target a wedding niche, or stand out from your competitors, an outstanding blog sets you apart. 

It engages your audience before they've even spoken to you, and who doesn't want that?

Want a blog but don’t have the time? Get in touch. 

Blogon is a wedding and bridal copywriting service, giving you outstanding blogs for your bridal website and marketing. 

Get in touch for a free consultation today. 


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