5 reasons why your eCommerce app or service needs a blog

Does your eCommerce app really need a blog?

The eCommerce software and services industry is content-mad, with everyone blogging, guest blogging and sharing content. And a lot of it's good. Really good.

Should you really add to the noise?

Our eCommerce app copywriters are experts at blogging for eCommerce software and fulfilment services because they know the industry, they know what to say and they know how important eCommerce blogs are for the following:

1. Google

Google loves blogs, especially when they're on useful content that people are searching for.

An eCommerce blog tells Google that you know your stuff about eCommerce and that you know it better than your competitors - helping improve your website SEO.

2. Website visits

Talking about your website, blogs are a great way to take people off of social media and onto your website, where you convert best.

Blog links are also fantastic for pushing leads into the right direction and, eventually, on to your contact page.

3. Something to say

If you're running out of things to say on Facebook and Twitter, blogs give you the perfect content to share.

No more thinking up topics or sharing other people's blogs - you can be the content that's shared.

4. Strutting your stuff

Should people use your app, software or fulfilment service because you're the best eCommerce app, software or fulfilment service out there? Prove it.

Blogs give you somewhere to demonstrate your eCommerce knowledge and gain the trust and respect you deserve.

5. Standing out

There might be a lot of eCommerce content out there, but there's also a lot of poor content. An outstanding blog helps you to stand out for the good reasons.

A boring blog does nothing, but an outstanding blog sets you apart from your competitors.

Want a blog but don’t have the time? Get in touch. 

Blogon is an eCommerce copywriting service, giving you outstanding blogs for your eCommerce app or service website and marketing. 

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