5 reasons why your hair salon needs a blog

Does your hair salon really need a blog?

You went into hairdressing because you love hair, people and getting creative with a pair of scissors - not because you like writing. 

However, you seem to be spending more of your time doing it. Social media posts, responding to DMs, website copy and now hair salon blogging....really?

But you love your website, and you want it at the top of Google and standing out from your competitors. Could having a hair salon blog help?

We specialise in hair salon blogging because we know how important it is for you, your salon and your customers. You might not be an expert in digital hair salon marketing, but we are, and here are five ways a hair salon blog can help your business. 

1. Ranking you high on Google

Google might not have hair, but it sure does love a good hair salon blog. 

A regular, well-researched and engaging blog tells Google that you know your stuff, you’re active and that you’re willing to help customers achieve great hair results. 

This all goes in favour of your hair salon SEO when Google is deciding who to put at the top of its search results. 

2. Getting people to your website

The more people that stumble across your website, the more people that know about your salon and are in the perfect location to book an appointment. 

A blog draws people away from social media and onto your website or gives you something to email existing customers, gently reminding them that you’re there. With the right content, you’ll have people booking appointments in no time. 

3. Giving you something different to talk about

Talking of social media, do you ever feel like you’re posting the same thing over and over again?

Before and after shots are great, but everyone does them. A blog gives you something fresh and exciting to share on Instagram, that people can engage with beyond liking and commenting with heart eyes. 

4. Demonstrating your expertise

Hairdressing isn’t just a skill, it’s a science too. A blog gives you the platform to show people that you know so much more than simply cutting in a straight line. 

This not only demonstrates your passion, but it also helps to increase customer trust when they’re looking for a new hairdresser who won’t ruin their locks. This is especially true when targeting a niche audience, such as curly hair or extensions. 

5. To set you apart

Whether you’re looking to target a niche, or simply stand out from your competitors, a solid blog sets you apart. 

It enables you to engage with your audience before they’ve stepped a foot into the door, and stay in touch with your clients between appointments - keeping everyone happy. 

Want a blog but don’t have the time? Get in touch. 

Blogon is a hair salon blogging service, giving you outstanding blogs for your hair salon website and marketing. 

Get in touch for a free consultation today. 


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