5 reasons why your travel website needs a blog

You'd like a blog for your travel website, but do you really have the time?

The travel industry is blog-mad, with companies, influencers, and the average Joe blogging about their latest trip to Bali (or Skeggy). And there's some fantastic content out there...can you really compete?

Our travel copywriters are expert travel writers - having been there, seen it and got the t-shirt (literally). They know the industry and they know how important travel website blogging is, for the following reasons:

1. Flying high on Google

Google loves it when you blog because it tells Google what you know and what your services are about.

Google uses this to connect its travel-hungry audience with your travel website - improving your website SEO.

2. Swimming in website visits

Travel blogs are also ideal for capturing your target audience's attention on social media and leading them directly onto your website - where you convert best.

This increases your website traffic and, if you're doing it right, bookings.

3. Stories to tell

It's common to run out of things to say on Facebook and Instagram, and feel like you're just copying everyone else.

Travel blogs give you a unique story to tell, that's interesting. Whether it's insider info, travel tips, or useful advice - it's all great for getting conversations started.

4. Showing off your tan

You want people to book their next holiday with you because you're the best travel website out there. Show it.

Blogs allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and show travellers how easy you make like.

5. Standing out

There's a lot of poor travel content out there. An outstanding blog makes you stand out for the good reasons - setting you apart from your competition.

Want a travel blog but don’t have the time? Get in touch. 

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