Copywriting FAQs

Have a question about our
copywriting services?

Let’s see if our FAQ can help. 


How do I get started?

Simple. Just head to the contact page, complete your details and we’ll be in touch. 

Once we’ve established what you want and how often you want it, we’ll get started. 

Then, all you need to do is relax. 

Can we meet?

We put you directly in touch with your copywriter. If you want to schedule a call, video conference or face-to-face meeting, that’s completely up to you. 

If you’d prefer us to just get on with it, that’s ok too. 


How much do you charge?

You can create your own blog writing package and price here, or you can get in touch for a bespoke quote. 

How long will it take?

If you’re after a quick turnaround, let us know and we’ll meet your deadline. 

If you want regular blogs, we’ll agree the draft and final dates with you. 


Can I review the blogs?

Of course. If you want a hands-on approach with your blogs, that’s fine. We’ll arrange an outline and draft review process so you can review anything before it goes live. 

If you just want us to get on with it and proceed with our internal vetting process, we can do that too. 

Can I speak with your clients?

Yes. If you’re like to speak to our clients about our blog writing service, we can put you in touch. 

Do you specialise in a certain industry?

Our copywriters all have their own area of expertise. Your blog will be assigned to the best copywriter for the job – whether that’s hairdressing, eCommerce, technology, weddings, engineering, recruitment or any other topic. 

We have plenty of recommended contacts that can help. Just let us know, and we’ll put you in touch. 

Where are you based?

Our copywriting service is in Milton Keynes – the land of concrete cows, roundabouts and a Cliff Richard video.

However, we work with clients across the world. Location is never an issue when it comes to outstand blogs. 

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