Long-form content writing service

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Long-form content. 

It sounds great in theory – all those words and that content. 

But then you have to write the words and research the content. Then it’s not so fun. 

But you want long-form content.

It makes your website feel sexy, it tells Google that you’re first-page worthy and it shows your audience that you know what you’re talking about. 


We can help.

Our long-form content writing service

Giving you the content you deserve.

With our long-form content writing service, you simply pick the number of words that best suits your needs and we do the rest. 

Research, writing, tone, style, proofreading, SEO-optimisation and formatting – everything that goes into producing a long-form article that your website deserves, Google reads and your audiences acts upon. 



You know what you're talking about; your content shows it.

We research your long-form content to the nines so it’s perfectly pitched to demonstrate your knowledge while catering to your audience’s.



Everyone wants to hear what you have to say.

We ensure that every word of your content is audience-worthy, every sentence is enjoyable and every paragraph makes your reader want to read on. 



Your long-form content makes life easy for your audience.

We work hard to ensure that your content flows and that before your audience knows it, they've reached the end they're clicking on your CTA.


SEO optimised

Your long-form content tell Google where the party is at.

We can SEO-optimise your long-form content for keywords of choice - showing Google that you're first-page-worthy (because you are.)

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