Proofreading service

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You’ve got the words. 

You’ve just got too many of them. Or not the right ones. Or incorrect ‘,;!?”

So you want someone to take a look. But someone who knows, who can make it audience-worthy and who can put an apostrophe in the right place.



We can help.

Our proofreading service

Giving your words the Mr Sheen

With our proofreading service, you simply tell us how many words, send it over and we do the rest. 

Grammar, tone, style, SEO-optimisation, re-wording – anything that you need to turn your content from ‘words’ into audience-worthy, CTA-performing words.



No one wants a visit from the grammar police.

We ensure that your grammar is tip-top, your apostrophes are in the right places and that you’re copy is typo-free. 



Everyone wants to hear what you have to say.

We ensure that every word  is audience-worthy, every sentence is enjoyable and every paragraph makes you want to read on. 



Your copy makes life easy for your audience.

We ensure that your copy flows and that before your audience knows it, they're clicking your CTA.


SEO optimised

Your copy tells Google where the party is at.

We can SEO-optimise your content for keywords of choice - showing Google that you're first-page-worthy (because you are).

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